The coworking space has revolutionized how many businesses and companies handle their early years. They have proven a versatile option for entrepreneurs who want to scale their operations into a space that is dedicated to enhancing productivity. It provides all the amenities of an office space, but at a fraction of the cost. 

Every coworking space is different. The needs of businesses in North Carolina, for example, will be different from the needs of entrepreneurs in other states. Each of these spaces experiments with how they can meet the needs of entrepreneurs and professionals in their area, which leads us to our next question: is a dedicated desk better than traditional coworking?

Comparing the two

Traditional coworking uses what is known as hot desking. It involves leasing a space and sharing it with other businesses. It is inexpensive compared to renting out or building an office, and is a great option for fledgeling businesses looking to scale up. A rented office space will certainly give you some privacy, but this might be a little too expensive for a small-scale enterprise. 

However, the peace in the space might depend on the other people sharing it with you. While this is meant to be a professional setting, the culture of every company is different. If you end up sharing the space with another business with a culture incompatible with yours, conflict and discomfort may arise. 

Nowadays, some coworking spaces offer more private options for more discerning entrepreneurs. This, however, costs quite a bit more than hot desking, especially since the space would be limited to the use of just one business. The beauty of this, however, is that it is a guaranteed space that doesn’t keep you too far away from the coworking community. 

The autonomy

If you’re thinking about autonomy as a feature of your workspace, then the hot desk is what offers the least. Anyone who shows up before you can claim it, meaning you have to adapt every day to the different people working there. This may hamper the consistency of your environment; on some days, you might experience a quiet workspace with many people on their computers, and on other days, you might be surrounded by noise people talking a little too excitedly during their meeting. 

Private offices, while being the most expensive option, are the best at this. You would simply have to close your door, and you would have four walls to protect yourself from any number of distractions. This does, however, remove the workplace interactions so many people love in coworking spaces. 

The dedicated desk provides a balance between the two. It allows you a space to call your own, with the flexibility to decorate and arrange it as you please. No matter what time you arrive, you will always have the same desk. If the rest of the spaces are dedicated desks, then you will have a consistent group of people to share it with. The best part is, you will have room to interact with other people. 

In conclusion

While you would end up paying a little bit more for a dedicated desk, the benefits of it might be exactly what you need. It will offer some privacy and better control over your space, creating a more consistent environment that is more attuned to your needs. Essentially, it combines some of the benefits of a private office space and a coworking space, and removes some of the disadvantages of both.

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