Any company that does not care about the work environment doesn’t value its employees much. While this is rather distasteful behavior, employers like this exist worldwide. This makes job applicants and employees wary of staying in toxic workplaces. If you’re restructuring your business to be more employee-friendly, upgrading your workspace is the place where you should start.

Employees nowadays know what they want to get in a workplace— reasonable work hours, a non-toxic environment, and freedom to do their work without micromanaging superiors hovering over their cubicles like corrections officers. Of course, providing what your employees need is more than just converting conventional work booths to a less-suffocating layout. It’s also ensuring their physical and mental state is optimal for work. 

Here are some recommended ways to make your office space more accommodating for your employees to get you started. 

Take Down Partitions and Embrace Open-Plan Design

Many employees feel suffocated when enclosed in a cubicle, with partitions making them feel like they are cut off from the rest of the world. This can be mentally and sometimes emotionally draining at the end of the day. How can employers solve this?

An open office design is a preferable alternative to the constricting nature of cubicles. An open work area displays an atmosphere of freedom and encourages collaboration among employees. It motivates employees to work with minimum stress, improving work productivity.

Give Employees the Technology They Need to Do Their Job Efficiently

Usually, the parts of primary office technology vital for a seamless workflow are telephone systems, fast and reliable internet access, team management solutions, and logistics software. These essential systems will develop an easy, hassle-free, and productive working environment. 

Dedicate a Safe Place for Different Personality Types

When planning a recreational space for your employees, you must understand that not everyone is into indoor sports like table tennis or foosball. Some prefer finding a comfortable reading nook and spending their break alone— wanting to recharge by themselves before work starts again. Be considerate enough to divide the area into safe spaces with the best coworking amenities. Allow these clashing personalities to let their hair down and relax with their peers.

Add a Lounge Where Employees Can Relax and Take a Nap on Their Break

Sometimes, employees need rest during breaks, especially after an all-nighter from a critical presentation. These breaks aren’t just times to sit down and take their lunch, but a massive case of badly needing a quick shut-eye.

Of course, they can sleep in the rec room, but with all the coworking space activities happening there, can they really get real rest? Adding a lounge with a few oversized bean bags or—even better—a separate room with actual bunk beds for sleeping is an excellent way of showing your employees you understand their needs. 

Provide the Necessary Health Protocols for Your Employees

Caring about your employees’ health does not end with a company nurse and a small bed in an office clinic. First, it’s making sure that the working conditions in the office contribute to the good health of the people inside. It means employees have appropriate natural sunlight and proper ventilation. Placing greenery is also a nice touch to add life to the space, especially when your office is at a high-rise building.

Contribute to your employees’ generally good mental health by encouraging equal work distribution— an excellent preventive measure against burnout. If you can acknowledge that employees need days for their mental health and allow those as sick leaves, you’re already doing more for your employees than the average employer.


Employee satisfaction leads to more productivity. Understanding that comfort, freedom, and quick access to necessary work tools are instrumental to this equation lets you anticipate your employees’ present or future needs. Your employees can fully commit to their work hours when you address those needs, continually increasing work productivity.

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