Virtual offices are starting to get a significant following from small businesses, startups, and freelancers. They are shifting because of the convenience and advantages, one of which is that you can use them as a registered office address. CoCoTiv is proud to offer these as a service to our members. It is a great resource for small businesses and also a great way for us to get to know more of our members! 

Whether you have an existing company or planning to start one, consider having a virtual office to meet your business requirements. It’s cost-efficient and has many benefits that can help your business move forward conveniently. Here’s a guideline on how to choose the right virtual office for your business:

Know what your business needs

Choosing where your company will be based is part of your business plan. You’ll need to know your business’s goals to choose the right kind of office setup your team needs. If your team can work remotely, you can select a virtual office so that all business data and packages go straight to this address. If you’re working alone but need to hold meetings with clients occasionally, it’s best to have a virtual office that will allow you to use most of their amenities. 

Look at the reputable coworking spaces

You want your company to be associated with a coworking space or virtual office with a good reputation. A virtual office that has been in the industry for several years should be alright to consider. You’ll also need to know the feedback of other tenants and clients to see if your potential virtual office fits your vision and goals.

Likewise, it will help to get information about the other businesses you’re sharing the virtual office with. You want to make sure your business does not get compromised by other companies.

Choose a prime location

Although you won’t be there every day, it is still excellent to make sure where you choose is a great location. A prime location will help clients find you and send a professional message to your target audience. 

Choosing a prime location is great when you need to hold meetings with clients, investors, and even your team. It needs to be accessible and easy to find. You don’t want to lead your clients to a sketchy part of a neighborhood.

Choose the virtual office with excellent features

When you consider getting a virtual office for your company, many coworking spaces will offer different packages to each company that would best fit their needs. It is smart to know what amenities are available in each virtual office you are looking for and how often you can access these facilities.

Make sure that you understand the schedule of when and how you can access what you need to. CoCoTiv offers three different packages to make sure that your virtual needs are covered and suit your individual, and business goals. Talk to a sales representative and they will guide you to exactly what you need!


Choosing to go for a virtual office instead of physical offices for your business is a cost-efficient way to help run your company. Your virtual office will already provide many of the documents you’ll need to keep your business going. All you need to do now is choose the right one that would fit your brand’s goals and work requirements.

CoCotiv is a premium coworking space in Charlotte, NC. We offer different coworking packages that will best fit each client. We also provide virtual offices, private offices, dedicated desks, and more. Check out our facilities and our rooms today. We’d love to talk to you about your coworking needs.