Virtual Offices

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a low cost solution that can help drive the growth of your business. It provides the benefits of a physical office without being tied to a physical location. No matter where you work from a virtual office gives you a local communications headquarters with a mailing address and phone services. CoCoTiv Coworking in Charlotte offers three flexible virtual office membership plans to meet any business needs.

Who should you use a virtual office?

Virtual office spaces are ideal for small businesses, people who work from home, people who work remote, or anyone who needs a central place for crucial business needs like mail and phone service. Create a more professional image for your business, Plus, a virtual office can be a great segue way into the world of coworking at CoCoTiv.

How do you use a virtual office? 

You can be up and running with just a few clicks. Use our simple sign up system and you’re in. It is that easy. We have flexible, affordable plans that are easy to use for everyone .

How much does a virtual office cost?

Starting at just $50 per month, you can reduce your business overhead and invest more into your company. At a minimal monthly investment, you can experience many of the advantages of having a physical office, with none of the hassle.

Get started today with one of our three great plans!

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