Coworking spaces are perfect for the future of your company…

If you’ve watched documentaries about successful companies, you’ll notice that they all started in a humble space in their garage or had a magical light bulb moment in some football field with friends when they realized that they have an idea that could bring them success.

Today, many startup companies are moving out of their garage and making their way to a coworking space. A coworking space is a place for independent professionals to share one area and its facilities as you do in an office space. These have become a great alternative to renting your own office unit; it’s cost-effective and practical.

If you’re considering moving your startup company to a coworking space, we’ve provided a checklist for you so that you won’t forget the key features you’ll need to find in your hunt.

Is it an accessible location?

When looking for a coworking space, you want to keep in mind that it should be reachable. Your team, clients, and anyone you decide to work with can find you conveniently. Your office’s accessibility should be a priority because, in the long run, it will help increase your brand value, it is quite convenient for your employees and clients, and it will give your brand a good reputation.

Does it have everything you need?

A requirement that you should always remember is that the coworking space should have all the necessary office amenities that your company will need. When you have your own office space, you’ll carry everything needed to keep your company running. In a coworking space, this may vary; you might find one that has everything and more, or you might come across one that lacks some amenities.

An ideal coworking space should have a few basic amenities: a stable and fast WiFi connection, printer and scanner, lockers, working heating and air conditioning, security, power backup, some foods, and tons of coffee.

How’s the working environment? Is there a sense of community?

It’s good to consider the coworking space’s culture before making a decision and moving in. You will be working with not only your team but with a bunch of other individuals too. You’ll be around freelancers, fellow startups, and other small businesses, and it would be great if you and your team could engage with them.

One of the benefits of renting a coworking space is that you will get to meet different professionals and build your startup’s network. When you’ve built a relationship with your coworking partners, this will open countless business opportunities and future collaborations. 

Is it worth its cost?

Since you’re a startup company, it’s natural to want to keep your expenses low because you will invest a lot of your money to make your company’s products better. Choosing a suitable and cost-efficient place and plan that fits your budget isn’t a downgrade to what your company is. Instead, you’re practical and effective because this will benefit you in the long run due to fewer expenses. 


Finding the perfect coworking space for startups can be a bit difficult, especially when you’ve tried it before. Investing money in a proper workspace will help your employees work hard and give quality output because they know that they are being taken care of. These tips should be helpful for your hunt!

CoCotiv is a coworking space in Charlotte, NC, at the state’s hippest neighborhood, Montford Park. We provide 24/7 office access, fiber internet and WiFi, free parking, and other amenities that will help your company thrive. If you’re interested to know more, give us a call!