The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many industries work. With office buildings kept closed for months on end, employees and business owners alike have found different ways to maintain high productivity away from the traditional office.

Flexible workspaces have emerged as a compromise between working from home and working at the office. This way, you can have reliable infrastructure and equipment provided by a third party along with the necessary flexibility and optionality in this uncertain time.

The Evolving Workplace

Office space has always been expensive, and corporations have spent millions of dollars over the years to maintain them for employees and executives. However, after many months of remote work and virtual office meetings, many companies have realized that their investment in office real estate has become redundant. With office leases coming up in 2021, many are considering closing their traditional offices permanently.

Freelancers and remote workers have always had the flexibility of working anywhere and everywhere they want. But for the first time, salaried employees have been presented with this option, too. Coworking spaces and rented meeting rooms have given many people the flexibility they need to be as productive as possible.

The New Office

As vaccination programs roll out all over the world, some corporations have breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, everyone can come back to the office, and everything can go back to normal. Every day you can fill an office is a drop in your investment return on your office rental.

But many are recalculating their budgets and considering other options. The truth is, your workplace isn’t limited to where you work or where you see meet with your colleagues. The new office in 2021 and beyond is a healthy, balanced mix between physical and remote work. The workforce’s needs are rapidly evolving, and corporations should prioritize giving them what they need to be productive.

This is where flexible workspaces come in. Your company’s investment in office real estate can be diverted to desks, offices, and meeting rooms on a case-by-case basis. It all depends on the needs of your employees.

If some prefer working from home, then they are free to do that. If others want the reliable infrastructure of a coworking space, then they have that option, too. And if you need a place to gather all your team members, there are available meeting rooms you can rent out for however long you need it, no more and no less.

Weighing Your Options

At the end of the day, there is no perfect solution that will fit every company or enterprise. You need to address the needs of the workforce that you have and to find a workplace that aligns with your company goals.

The important thing is to have an open mind. Take the time to truly examine the value of having a physical workspace and requiring every single employee to come in every day. Is that really something that you need? Or something only dictated by hundreds of years of human tradition?

There are many options out there for you. You only have to explore them.


2020 brought many changes to how the world views work. Millions of people have spent months working productively from home. Now that there is the opportunity to slowly go back to normal, a new question emerges: how valuable was the previous status quo? And is your company brave enough to change it?

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