A company will always be home to a diverse array of people with varying personalities. This assortment of different character traits is what makes collaborating fun. However, there are many people – who may be great assets to their teams – that do not enjoy social interaction as much as others. Introverted individuals may be brilliant at their jobs but do not necessarily take part in water cooler gossip. This is where coworking space may offer a viable solution for these individuals.

Many people may have the notion that coworking space is the worst place for an introvert to be. However, recent research suggests otherwise! Here is the nitty-gritty on any coworking space is actually the ideal place for shy and introverted people.

Who Are Introverts?

Introverts are people who tend to avoid and dislike social interaction. However, it does not mean that they hate people. Many people think that if a person is shy, they are automatically introverts. The truth is that people who are shy may not be introverts and when introverts become comfortable around people they like, they are not shy. 

Social Awkwardness And Coworking Space

One thing introverts and shy people tend to have in common is that they are sometimes socially awkward. This is because they do not particularly enjoy talking to people whom they are not familiar with, or with people they had only just met. 

In the typical office setting, introverts may be subject to this kind of interaction on a daily basis. When a new coworker gets hired, they may need to take part in small talk with the new person. Introverts do not enjoy small talk because they do not think it is useful to interact with someone unless they are close to that person or unless they absolutely have to have a conversation with that person.

The great thing about coworking spaces is that they eliminate the chances of social awkwardness from occurring. People will be able to go about doing their work without having to participate in workplace gossip and small talk because the other people at the coworking space will be strangers. 

Coworking Is A Great Way To Develop Overall Personality

On the other hand, introverts will benefit from coworking space in other ways too. They will be able to improve the part of their personality that lacks social skills. Although they may not be official workmates with the other people in the coworking space, they will get the chance at minimal social interactions, enough to train themselves to be able to tolerate such interactions. This will help them develop the social skills they lack.


At present, many people are forced into a work-from-home dynamic that doesn’t always work for them. For a lot of people, working from their house is not the most ideal situation, even for introverts. This is why getting a membership at a coworking space is a brilliant idea. It will allow for minimal social interaction that will be sufficient enough for introverts but will not stress them out as much as a normal office would.

Coworking spaces will offer great perks that may be found in a conventional office, but only the parts that an introvert will appreciate. This is why shy and introverted workers will benefit greatly from membership in this kind of establishment. It will help them accomplish their work tasks and keep them out of a monotonous environment. Lastly, it will keep home feeling like home and not like a contorted workplace.

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