Thanks to the advent of cost-effective coworking solutions and space-saving solutions, today’s professionals are no longer forced to break the bank from following outdated workplace and location practices.

Certain developments, such as the work-from-home movement, online monitoring software, and virtual assistants have made it possible for professionals all over America to work outside of traditional and costly working spaces. One such improvement, however, has taken modern working practices up a notch thanks to its use of unorthodox, yet effective flexible working environments: coworking spaces.

Despite the fact that they’re still relatively new in the Charlotte (or in the Monford Park area, in particular) area, coworking spaces have quickly transformed working environments across a variety of industries. Through the use of various benefits, many startups have been able to boost their productivity, increase their profits, and make the most out of their limited situations and budgets with the help of coworking spaces.

If you’ve been meaning to transform the way you work, here are only a few of the benefits of operating your startup in a coworking space: 

They’re light on the wallet (or bank account)

The foremost benefit of setting up an office in a coworking space is that it’s a fairly inexpensive alternative that can help keep your operations well-funded even as you spend more hours in the office every month.

Given that running a business is a task in itself that rarely proves to be cheap, going for a cost-friendly alternative in terms of office space can make a significant difference in optimizing your company’s cash flow. Instead of troubling yourself financially with buying or leasing an office, paying a minimal amount every month for just the right amount of space can help cut a huge chunk off of your monthly costs.

With the help of a coworking space, you won’t have to worry about costly factors such as cleaning or maintenance because the monthly payment you hand in covers various expenses such as cleaning, utilities, and the like! 

You won’t have to worry about tight clauses 

A common concern that most small businesses or startup owners have when dealing with the building or space they’re leasing is the sheer amount of legalities involved that prevent them from leaving at any time. This can prove to be a big problem if profits aren’t looking up. As opposed to standard leasing arrangements, however, opting for a co-working space is just like a membership: you can keep paying for as long as you need the space itself and leave anytime you don’t need or can’t afford it anymore! 

Opportunities to network will be just outside your doorstep

Another important benefit of co-working spaces worth considering is the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals who’ll need your services—and vice versa. 

In coworking spaces such as CoCoTiv, you’ll be exposed to different businesses in various industries that have something special to offer when you cross paths with them. Thanks to the experience that combines communal living with a professional business setting, you’ll be able to talk to all kinds of professionals with different sets and levels of expertise!


Making the move to a co-working space can easily prove to be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your start-up’s financials, long-term stability, and overall shot at success!

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