March is Women’s History Month, and as such, CoCoTiv wanted to highlight some of the amazing female members we have!

The first member we interviewed was Lisa Thomas from the P3 Group– a revolutionary business development and advisory firm.

We sat down with Lisa and asked her a few questions. Read more about it below!p3 group

  1. What led or inspired you to start your own business?

The impact I wanted to make in the marketplace was limited in my corporate position. While I was appreciated for the value I provided as a business analyst, opportunities to define my own destiny was not available to me at the time – that was 1995! I’ve never looked back.

  1. Is there a cause you are passionate about?

Yes, the Wings of Jeannine project. The purpose is to empower women to blaze a trail and leave an imprint on the world.

  1. How can we, as a community, support women-led businesses like yourself?

Be bold in partnering with us. Winning in business takes grit and courage, and

 while many are defying the odds by breaking barriers and pushing towards success every day, it is not easy. Having supportive partners will only multiply the effort and results for everyone.

  1. If you could describe your business in one sentence, what would it be?

We’re a revolutionary business development and advisory firm that offers strategies to win and insights to grow for businesswomen on the move.

  1. What motivates or inspires you to keep going strong in your business?

The ever-growing need to educate women to learn, evolve and grow!!!