We talk a lot about work here. But, let’s talk about work life balance. It’s important.

Working is what makes everything else we do possible. But, life isn’t just about spreadsheets, conference calls and a 9-5 grind. Yes work is very vital, but so is taking some time to enjoy yourself and to work on your physical and mental well-being. Above all, work life balance is extremely important to maintain a healthy mental state and keep your productivity high.

A Workplace Community

The psychology of a coworking space is built around human interaction. We look at all our members as coworkers, in a coworking space. Even though we are home to many different companies, our members still love to meet up over a cup of Enderly coffee or a beer at the end of the day. They talk about work, news, sports or whatever is happening around Charlotte. Interacting with interesting and diverse people is proven to increase happiness. This explains why “over 71% of co-workers said they are more relaxed at home after joining a co-working space”.cocotiv members enjoying work life balance

Physically and Mentally Healthy Workers

Additionally, our members have free access to a gym to increase their physical health. This is tied directly to positive trends in mental health. Stress is real, and we believe in offering our members a healthy outlet to sweat it out and rid themselves of negative energy. On top of that, our open office floor plans encourage getting up and moving around throughout your day here. Sitting for prolonged periods is detrimental to your health. Some members choose a standing desk option for this reason, as well. We are structured to encourage and promote a healthy and happy worker. Our environment is built to offer stress relief, so you feel less burned out, and happier when you walk out our doors… so you can be your best self when you come back tomorrow.

free gym for members

A Little Fun Never Hurt Anyone

Finally, here at CoCoTiv we enjoy mixing it up and having some good old-fashioned fun. We love sponsoring events- happy hours, team building, parties and more. And we love partnering with local vendors like Lenny Boy and Roots Catering, to make these events so great – and delicious! Additionally, we love being host to member’s events, whether it’s a pancake breakfast in our Bank OZK Board Room on a Saturday morning, or an event held by a non-profit like Dottie Rose Foundation. We value every one of members and we want them thrive, not only professionally, but personally as well. That’s why we put so much emphasis on offerings to help them achieve a happy and productive work life balance.

cocotiv iicharlotte event