Let’s talk about the workplace. Several published research studies have proven time and again that motivation is a crucial factor for an employee’s work productivity. It’s a make-or-break situation for workers, and maintaining their motivation is incredibly important for employers. This is to say that an organization’s best asset is high employee productivity.

There are many ways to keep your employees motivated to work. Curating coworking event ideas and preparing fun-filled programs occasionally are ways to foster fun engagement in the workplace.

Simply put, boosting employee productivity while having fun at the workplace is what employers should consider doing for a win-win solution. Here are some of the many ways you can do them.

Hold Interest-Based Activities

Yes, you have some leisure activities planned for your staff. But are they the ones they like doing? Before rolling out your fun day, you have to know their interests, so your team would really be engaged and have a great time.

You can start by conducting a survey among your staff—simply hand out a list of activities they can choose from. From there, you can begin preparing activities related to their interests and preferences. You can hold sporting events if you have many sports-oriented employees. You can also set up an outdoor activity if most of them love adventures like trekking, cycling, and swimming. Meanwhile, indoor recreations can be in the form of karaoke, movie nights, video games, and many more.

Celebrate Small Victories

Town Halls are a common gathering event among organizations during big occasions. But what about individual efforts that have helped you achieve team goals? Are they seen, appreciated, or rewarded? Employees become more motivated when they are praised even for the most minor feats they’ve done to achieve the results the management wanted. How about a party to celebrate that?

It doesn’t really have to be a party, after all. A simple congratulatory remark will do. Kind, sincere gestures from the management to signify their appreciation for the staff’s efforts will always be welcome. Be generous in giving praise!

Have Regular Days/Nights Out

A simple day out can be incredibly fun if planned well. Employees look forward to such days, where they will be a little loose and just enjoy their moments together with their colleagues. You don’t have to take working time off to do this if your concern is productivity. You can set regular after-shift activities to hang out as a team. As your staff develops their self-confidence during these occasions, you also help them build up their motivation to be a little more productive.

Team building activities encourage good communication among team members. They can collaborate on tasks more easily as they get to know each other better. Most importantly for managers, developing amicable relationships with your workers can foster mutual trust and respect for each other.


Increasing your employees’ motivation can be done by giving clear expectations, recognition, timely feedback, and encouraging fun in the workplace. A positive work environment fosters work productivity rather than pressuring them to beat deadlines and show results.

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