Modern workspaces are a melting pot of various cultures, personalities, and skilled individuals. What used to work as a one-size-fits-all module has long been obsolete, as the business sphere of today has a ton of talented individuals that work well in various settings. The overall atmosphere of an office can no longer be just tailor-fit to a single type of worker, as unique personalities each have their own requirements to function best. 

One thing that is rising as an important area of productivity is the concept of coworking spaces. What is great about these is that they supplement the working style of various people. Whether they are students, CEOs-to-be, or those looking to escape the cabin fever caused by working from home, coworking spaces provide plenty of opportunities. North Carolina is strengthening thanks to all the small businesses and startups, making coworking in Charlotte an integral aspect of success. 

Unique Coworking Members & Their Workspace Requirements

There are many worker personalities in today’s world, and each come with their set of unique requirements in a working environment. Here are some of the distinct personalities and what they need from a coworking space:

Some people take jobs from a company that is located way beyond the range of commuting. Living far from the headquarters means that a daily commute is going to be costly. However, thanks to the internet, remote workers can thrive like regular employees. So if an employee in North Carolina worked for a company in a neighboring city, it might be better to just beat cabin fever with a quiet, private office found in coworking spaces in Charlotte. 

Companies that have multiple locations around the United States or even internationally typically employ a wide range of employees all over. These workers are similar to remote ones but might benefit from a private space that can switch to a more casual and friendly setting like cafe seating and some booths to take phone calls. With their company taking care of all the communication infrastructure, these people need to adjust and find ways to get work done remotely. 

Digital nomads are a new-age personality that can benefit significantly from coworking spaces and virtual offices. Thanks to laptops and internet connectivity, they can move all over the world, provided the place has adequate connectivity. Many American digital nomads make use of these coworking spaces to work on their blogs, YouTube channels, or other kinds of freelancing work. A few days or months afterward, they start moving away to a new state and find a place to bunker down and get back to work. 

Freelancers are blessed with the flexibility of the job. With their working timeframe based on clients and being their own bosses, they can benefit from these spaces to get work done away from home. Most freelancers can work remotely, and with some taking in local clients, coworking spaces can be a great way to meet up or work with fast internet connectivity and a quiet area. 

Small businesses on the startup scale may not have enough revenue to open up an office space for company use. The first few months or even years of a business is always a grind, and most teams do not even need to be physically present each day. Coworking spaces can offer meeting rooms for teams to discuss their plans of action and rally the group when required. 


This shortlist is merely just a few of the many personalities of workers in the 21st century. With work shifting heavily into the digital scene, this creates a need for modern office spaces that can tailor to the needs of various new-age employees and entrepreneurs. Shared office spaces are a great way to keep productivity up and costs down. It also beats the cabin fever caused by COVID-19 in today’s pandemic-stricken world. 

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